Mirror Mirror

by The Secret Light

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released January 1, 2017

Produced and mixed by Viktor Nova and The Secret Light.
Recorded by kiisu d’salyss and Viktor Nova in our basement in Portland Oregon.
Mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.
Special thanks to Ashkelon Sain.

All songs written by Viktor Nova (ASCAP), kiisu d’salyss (ASCAP), and Michelle Pecchia (ASCAP), except Back Door.
Back Door Written by Ronny Moerings, Anke Wolbert, and Peter Nooten, Originally recorded by Clan Of Xymox.
All other songs © 2017 The Secret Light. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws



all rights reserved



The Secret Light Portland, Oregon

The Secret Light brings a unique take on darkwave producing songs as if from an alternate, yet familiar universe. Their music is a high-energy combination of driving post-punk influenced bass, heavy sequenced dance beats, one of a kind effects charged guitar, live keytar synthesizers and powerful, effected vocals. ... more


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Track Name: Circuits Collide
I've been here for a long time
Thinking time away
You crawled out from a dumpster
Tomorrow is today

In my apocalyptic dreams
I've always seen you waiting there
Knowing someday I would find you
You float among the clouds
While I'm still stuck here on the ground
I've always been one step behind you

Now I don't speak your language
But I know you understand
I've been across the earth
My heart is filled with anguish
As we wander hand in hand
A trash can gave you birth

I don't know what emotion means,
But I know I've never seen
These circuits in my chest light up before
Ever lost, I walk alone
In this junk pile we call home
I never knew what all these parts were for

I've been here for a long time
I know you feel it too
Hand in hand,
As we walk across the land
I hope we get there soon
Track Name: Clockwork
Deal me in
Let's play this game
I'll play it again
Because you pay me by the hour

I'll sacrifice time
Sell you my mind
I'll rent you my dreams
If it's on your dime
I'll give up happiness
To feed your machine

I am only a man
At the end of the day
And I have to survive
I have to get paid
At the wave of your hand
I'll do terrible things
Technology crimes
Just to survive

I'm chasing after dreams
Dreams that aren't mine
While telling myself
I've run out of time
To follow my own
To keep them alive
This deception...

For eight more hours you can be my master
I will lay down all my rights
I will be yours alone from morning until night
When you're smiling at your empire
And I'm struggling to survive
How can you bear to look yourself in the eye

I walk through your door
Looking for money
You exploit my need to survive
Every day I slave away
And sacrifice my life

At the edge of stagnation
Lost on this route
This is my life
And it's running out
Day after day
Year after year
When does it end?
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
I'm shifting in and out of phase
The other side is face to face
I fear it might be permanent
This time I might have strayed too far

This world
Almost looks like home
But I know it's just a clone
Afraid I'll never get back to the place where I am from

Impossible to recognize
Too many streams to analyse
I'm faced with my mortality
Obstructed by causality

Your face... almost looks familiar
Like I've seen you in my dreams
But subtle differences remind me it's not you
I never existed in the world where you come from
I am only an illusion
Track Name: Endless Loop
My Life
Is ending far too soon
To complete the work I have
Will take a thousand other lifetimes

The secrets I have learned
Are far too vast to fade away
I have to pass this knowledge on
To no one else but me

I have to go back to the boy I used to be
And disclose these hidden secrets to my younger self
If my math is wrong, I'll live my life again
My ancient mind in the body of a child

I woke up in my past
I met a younger version of myself
I shared with him the secrets
And the things that we must do
However many lifetimes it might take
My resolution will not break

I had to go back to the boy I used to be
I disclosed these hidden secrets to my younger self
Turns out my math was wrong
I lived my life again
I'll get it right this second time around

Take my fate
In my hands
Live my life
Over again
Track Name: Posthuman
I'm a simple machine running software
And some of my key systems are offline
I'm underqualified to operate this biotech
I find myself waking up inside

Though life has struck me down and left me wounded on the floor
I must go on
Though love has stained my heart and left me twisted and afraid
I'll try again

Among my prime directives
Is replication
However far I might pervert my code
As nodes come back online
My algorithms realign
I redefine my ever changing mind

Becoming self aware

It beats in my heart
It keeps me alive
All my emotions are synthesized
Sensors stimulate my brain
A blink in my chest
A surge in my head
As I overload the circuitry
That suspends me by a thread

I long to step across the line
To cross the boundries of my mind
This sentient machine only wants to feel alive
And when I step across the line
Beyond the gates of space and time
This sentient machine
Becomes a higher form of life

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